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 Trying to Find LA

Riding out on the highway
trying to find my way back home
I must have made a wrong turn
on this dark and lonely road
Up ahead on a sign post
was a flashing neon screen
A little roadside diner
at the crossroads of a dream

 I pulled into the driveway
of the Freedom Café
I need some direction
cause I've lost my way
Trying to find LA

 I walked into the bar room
as the band began to play
The dealers on the dance floor
said "don't stop 'til we get paid"
and the waitress with her skirt pulled up
by the right hand of the law
and the bouncers making arms sales
to the children in the hall

 The food on the menu
from a far off place
and I'm feeling hungry
for a better way
Trying to find LA

 I stumbled into the backroom
There was a card game going on
Businessmen in painted masks
and their lawyers looking on
I ordered up a tall drink
I heard the bar keep say
The first one's on the house son

 Welcome to LA Trying to Find LA


 Zamp Nicall © 1991 Semendria Music