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Under The Midnight Sun

I broke a sweat at 3 a.m. in the middle of a dream
It's then I saw the president in a long black limousine
The driver was a skeleton, the tires were soaked in blood
They took him to the airport to catch a ride before the flood

I turned on my t.v. set and put my face up to the screen
The anchor man was crying as he began to speak
Now they've arrested mother earth, they've put her in a cell
Just what the charges were, I couldn't really tell

They pushed the panic button
The countdown has begun
Under the light of the Midnight Sun

I jumped in my Studebaker and headed on down the road
I looked through my windshield as the sky started to glow
I heard a band of Angels, they were singing on Capitol Hill
I never understood their game and I guess I never will

I drove on by the schoolyard, the teachers lips were sealed
It's then I saw the student body, they were standing on the football field
Each one had a shovel, they were digging in the ground
The system had betrayed them all, the curtains coming down

In the hands of children
The heat of a burning gun
Under the light of the Midnight Sun

It suddenly became quiet, I heard a whisper in my ear
³The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not fear²
I couldn't help but thinking, now I'm on my knees
We have the power to change the course of history

Waiting for the passage
No place left to run
Under the light of the Midnight Sun

 Zamp Nicall © 2000 Semendria Music